The Walsons Group is a trusted leader in delivering solutions to customers across industry segments. The group's focus encompasses – business verticals of Security Services, Facility Management and Background Verification which are designed to meet needs of our customers through innovative ideas and best practices.

Through Securitas AB, Walsons has an established network in major Indian cities with over 20,000 employees. Securitas AB has a large global network in over 52 countries supported by 3,00,000 employees.


Securitas India (Walsons Services Pvt. Ltd.) Employee Compliance

Securitas India is a part of the global leader Securitas AB, and is one of the leading security services providers in India with an established network across India supported by 20,000 highly trained employees.

Securitas India (Walsons Services Pvt. Ltd.)

Walsons - Securitas India, provides comprehensive profiling services to supply relevant background knowledge to customers, allowing timely and correct decisions to be made with confidence.

Walsons Facility Solutions Pvt. Ltd. Employee Compliance

Walsons Facility Solutions has an expertise in providing comprethensive and integrated Facility Management Services to a wide range of customers.

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