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Background Verification

The Background Verification Division of Walsons Services Pvt. Ltd. is one of the industry leaders in providing comprehensive profiling services to supply relevant background knowledge to customers. Our large customer base and pan India presence allows us to enhance services in more than one ways.

We make use of best practices to simplify our processes which drive significant cost reduction with guaranteed results for our clients. Our offerings are designed based on requirements given by customers with a choice of services that work as per the needs and within the budget of the clients.

We understand every organization has its own specifications based on the kind of services they provide. Therefore, we make every effort to customize the services, thereby facilitating our customers in taking & corrective decision with confidence.

We offer a wide range of services to its clients. The services can be customized based on the company requirement.

Our pre and post employment verification involves Residential Verification, Academic Verification, Employment Verification, Reference Verification, Criminal Verification, OFAC Check, Exit Interviews, Drug Test, Database Verification and Gap Verification.

Besides, other screening parameters involve:

Criminal Record Search
Media Searches
Identity Checks
Health Checks
Driving License Verification
Court Records
Vendor Verification


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